Darshana - Intimate Dance Series
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Most classical dance forms of India are best appreciated in its intimate setting in close proximity, where the solo dancer is in constant communication with the audience. Many of these dance forms were originally performed in the sanctum of the Hindu temples, then later moved to the royal courts of great rulers, both these settings giving the ideal experience. In the early twentieth century these solo performances were formatted for grand proscenium stages, which have now evolved as ensemble works featuring multiple dancers.

Through this dance series “Darshana”, Apsaras Arts intends to recreate the ancient setting where the audience and the soloist are in unison enjoying the ultimate experience of “Sahrdya” - oneness with each other. Darshana will feature solo performances across the genres of Indian classical dance, with each performance featuring a serious dancer presenting a curated thematic performance, putting the focus lights on Singapore based Indian classical dancers.